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We are a group of professionals composed of industry based experts offering practical advice related to business setup. We show our clients the right direction towards prosperity and provide them with realistic solutions to work on.

We exemplify success, we define business standards!

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Are you looking forward to start our business here in the UAE? Concerned about the regulations? Well, we are here to do the magic work for you. Fusionbiz Businessman Services is a business consultancy firm with the aim to help you setup your desired business successfully in the UAE region.

Our Services

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Business Pro Service

Business PRO Service

No more hassle in dealing with governmental documents and paperwork’s. Fusionbiz is here to value your time and money by doing all the hard work for you.

Business Plan

Business Plan

A topnotch plan is mandatory before you start a business, that being said, with Fusionbiz by your side, your plans and ideas won’t go to vain. We are here to make your precious idea bloom.


Labor & Immigration

No time to worry about immigration and visa processing. FusionBizz provides all types of immigration & labor solutions. Give us a buzz; we will handle it for you.


Intellectual Property

In a world full of fraud and larceny, Fusionbiz opposes all sort of illegal activities. We do our best to protect your brainchild with integrity.

Local Sponcer

Local Sponcorship

Are you struggling to find a workable sponsor for your business? Look no further, we will introduce you to the most operative individuals out there in the business stream.


Accounting, Book keeping & Payroll

Keeping track of your accounts, economic activities and payroll distributions can turn out to be an arduous job. Fusionbiz is here to provide you with expert and effective manpower.

UAE Business Setup

Main Land

The local trade in the UAE is known as mainland. To set up a mainland company you must be partnered by a local UAE official. If you are eying to set up a mainland trade, Fusionbiz will assist you with all the governmental paperwork’s and sponsorship deals.

Free Zone

A free-trade zone for full-on foreign ownership. A free zone business formation is an ideal solution for people who want to start up a business in the UAE with sole ownership. At present, there are 45 free zones operating in the UAE.


One affordable way to start up a business in the UAE is to go for offshore trade. It is simply a lucrative deal for most international investors essentially due to 100% foreign ownership and 100% tax immunity. What a wonderful opeertunity. Grab it.

We Provide Web Solution

To start a business you need proper IT services like Web Development, SEO, Content, Software & Apps development. We know your requirements & ready to fulfill your IT needs

Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing
Software Development
Mobile Apps Development

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